Air Conditioning & How It Works

An air conditioning unit consists of a radiator that is cooled by compressing nitrogen gas to a specified level. Once the gas is compressed it becomes extremely cold this in turn is fed through the radiator and a fan or exhaust mechanism blows cool air around the immediate environment.

How air conditioning works.

How air conditioning works.

The first modern air conditioning system was developed in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier. It was originally designed to help with a humidity problem at a lithographic and publishing company in Brooklyn. The paper stock at the publishing company would absorb moisture from the warm summer and our which would make it very difficult to apply prints to the soggy paper. The first air conditioning unit worked by blowing air across chilled pipes the air was cooled as it crossed the chilled pipes hence cooling down the air as it flowed. This solved the humidity problem as moisture which was contained in the air would be forced to condense and fall out of the environment.

Principles of Refrigeration



Before long air conditioning systems started appearing everywhere, as Willis had truly discovered an amazing solution for overcoming the humidity and unpleasant temperatures of summer. This method of cooling air was then applied through a clever mechanical application to the modern refrigerator. Air-conditioners come in many forms today such as split, ducted, internal and external modular units.

Modern Cooling Needs

Today we see air conditioning used on an industrial scale especially in the manufacturing and technology sectors. For example the giant servers that supply our Internet connections and store all the Darfur which we depend on in our modern society operate at high temperatures and are prone to fire the if those temperatures aren’t modulated. The massive rooms that these giant servers are stored in our air-conditioned to a first in this problem.

Many modern storage units for transportation must also be kept cool so as to stop the produce from going bad or off as a result of excessive temperatures. Ducted Air conditioning has become such an integral part of our lives that we often take it for granted. One of the key components to a modern air conditioning unit is helium gas which has become a finite resource that is soon set to run out.

A modern air-conditioner has three distinct parts which need to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Those parts consist of a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator. The compressor and condenser are usually situated on the outside component of an air conditioning unit.

Private & Cool

Many private homes and modern apartment blocks these days are fitted with essential air conditioning which attempts to moderate or control the climate throughout the entire household or apartment block. One of the biggest concerns for people these days is the amount of energy that is required to run one of these air conditioning systems. As the world becomes more and more concerned about global warming and the focus is on energy-saving and development of more energy-efficient air conditioning units to cope with the rising temperatures that we are experiencing globally.

many modern homes are fitted with split air conditioning units.

Many modern homes are fitted with split air conditioning units.

Brisbane Heat Waves

One city that experiences extremely high temperatures on a regular basis is Brisbane. If you live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia it is more than likely that you are familiar with Brisbane’s incredibly hot and humid summers. One of the biggest problems we face in Brisbane is the heat and this is why most people in Brisbane will have an air conditioning unit that needs to be serviced, that needs to be maintained, and that needs regular maintenance.

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