Easy Air Con Maintenance

One of theĀ most common things that you need to do on a regular basis to any air conditioning unit is to clean out the filters. The best way to do this is to gently open up the cover of the air conditioning unit locate the filters and gently remove them. You can actually wash out the filters in the shower with a gentle scrubbing motion to both sides of the fabric which acts as a filter. By allowing the air for a better flow it will increase the efficiency of the air conditioning unit by moving more air easily throughout the space.

Another thing that you can do is dust or blow out all the dust while the filters are off the unit around all of the airflow air intake and output vents on the air conditioning unit itself.

For more technical maintenance like changing the gas adjusting the pump will servicing the unit you will have to call a professional air conditioning service unit to come out to your place and carry out a more technical maintenance job on the air con unit itself.

Brisbane is renowned for its harsh weather especially in summer temperatures can reach in the high 30s or even early 40s and that is dam hot! That it why many people will get their air conditioning units serviced before summer actually hits so as they can be cool in advance and not worry about a high demand during the peak season in Brisbane.

For more information on air conditioning maintenance and contact the air conditioning advisory centreĀ  or visit this article for more information about maintaining an air conditioning unit. http://airconditioningadvisorycentre.com.au/

Below are a couple of videos that explain self air conditioning maintenance and also a video from a professional air conditioning service located in Brisbane.

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